Phenology Curriculum

Why Study Phenology?

Phenology is a phenomenon that has been observed and recorded  by humans for centuries to decide, for example,  when to plant gardens in the spring, harvest in the summer and fall, and settle in for the dark winter. This phenology curriculum will introduce Kindergarten through fourth grade students to natural phenomenon through discovering, planting, observing, and measuring the growth of the California poppy.

Experiential learning through phenomenon-based citizen science

Phenology Curriculum
Children studying phenology

Students will witness first-hand how plants change through their life cycle and with the seasons.  They will be challenged to learn about climate, the seasons, native plants, and the importance of timing of certain events in the life cycle of the plant. By studying the same individual plant as it changes with growth, students will develop observational skills.

The Curriculum:

Long-Term Data Collection (across school year)

Phenology Lesson Plans ( six lessons executed over several months)


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