Real World Chemistry

This module provides an introduction to Real World Chemistry for 5th grade. The focus on the module is to have students discover what chemistry is, how we use it in our lives, and to learn what jobs require it.

Lesson 1: Discovering the Periodic Table



Periodic table examples

Adopt-an Element activity

Lesson 2: Chemistry Overview/ Chemistry Lesson Plan


Fizz Quiz Student Observation Sheet

Bill Nye Chemical Reaction Video

Khan Academy for Associative/Commutative Property

Lesson 3:Atoms Smallest Unit of Matter


Herc Kit-Build molecules and atoms

Powers of Ten video

Cosmic power of Ten Video

Bill Nye Atoms/ Molecules Video

Jobs that involve Chemistry

Extension Activity: Mono Lake

Real Life- Cooking-Mono Lake-Students can create Mono Lake like water in the classroom. Observe the chemical changes and show them images to connect across ELA and Science. Mono Lake is an example of the chemical process that has been studied similar to the Fizz Quiz lesson.



Write simple expressions that record calculations with numbers, and

interpret numerical expressions when looking at atomic mass for Mono Lake (8th grade adapted)…

Real World Chemistry