Humboldt County Natural Resources

This module was developed around study of Eel River Headwaters Forest to promote a better understanding of Humboldt County Natural Resources. Students will spend classroom time learning about local natural resources and using technology to prepare for the culminating field trip. These activities could easily be adapted to fit any local natural resources.

Four key components:

1) What is a natural resource?  

2) Coho salmon Ecology     

3) Redwood ecology   

4) Integrating Math & Technology


Field Trip to the Eel River Headwaters Forest

Lesson List (click on a title to see the lesson or resource)

1. What is a Natural Resource?

2. Researching a Resource

3. Creating a Google Site as a Class

4. Indirect Measurement of Trees

5. Field Trip

Pre/Post Assessment (Original is a Google Form)

More Resources:

Headwaters Brochure pdf

Eel River, CA

NOAA Fisheries: Salmon Ecology

Humboldt County Natural Resources


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