Waves Module Outline

  • Big Idea – Students will see the concept of harmonic motion and waves across a variety of core math and science classes.

Tide Modeling

  • Algebra 2 Purpose:
    • Students learn to plot tidal data given and explore the parameters of a sinusoidal function in order to find the sinusoidal regression.


  • Pre Calculus Purpose:
    • To apply understanding of sinusoidals to investigate the theory of biorhythms by building sinusoidal models and using these models to make predictions.

Effects of Noise on Wildlife

  • Math Studies Purpose:
    • Use the properties of sound waves to determine areas where sound sources are and if the sources may be noise levels may be affecting common local species.

Simple Harmonic Motion of a Pendulum

  • Physics Purpose:
    • To observe the effect of length on the period of a pendulum.

Ocean Waves

  • Marine Biology Purpose:
    • Understand the parts of a wave profile (crest, trough, wavelength, wave height, still water mark, etc). Be able to see how wavelength, speed and frequency are related. Know how wavelength and wave height factor into a breaking wave.

Ocean Waves Worksheet

Pendulum Lab Pre-Post Tests