Tiny Town

Tiny Town is an integrated project based 8 unit lesson plan where students create art-inspired, energy efficient miniature homes and neighborhoods for the future, designing into the infrastructure good environmental design and consideration, as well as efficient human life styles, utilizing landforms, while honoring the Mother Earth

The objective is to utilize STEM and STEAM missions of bring together math, technology, engineering, art, and the sciences into the creative thought processes of our students. Students use these disciplines as the tools in their creation, planning, testing, and revising of practical everyday problems in today’s busy world. This particular problem involves creating a futuristic community where energy efficiency, environmental protection, and human harmony in spirit with each other and all of life around us is honored. This project asks students to dream, create, invent, theorize, produce, reflect, and then re-invent, reproduce ideas they have created themselves. Students are encouraged to create with their culture in mind. To do this students will utilize the processes of mathematics, technology, engineering, art, and all of the sciences to make informed choices, and to plan, produce, and revise their STEAM Tiny Town.