Spotted Owl

These unique owls are highly social, even with people. They are very inquisitive and often fly right in to check out what is going on, particularly if you have a recording of their voice.

This bird is endangered in our area. They are threatened by logging of old-growth forests as well as an invasion from the barred owl. The barred owl has recently begun to live in the redwood forest and they are bigger and more agressive and push the spotted owl out of their habitat.

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Marbled Murrelet

The murrelet lives a double life. At night they enjoy the safety of the tallest redwoods where they build their nests on thick branches at the tip-tops of the trees. After a good night sleep they wake up early to get ready for a long flight.

Just before sunrise they rise, stretch, and call their friends. After joining together in flight they head for the ocean, squawking the whole way, excited about the good fish that await them in the ocean. They will spend their entire day eating anchovies, among other things, and collecting food to bring back to the nest to feed their chicks.

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