Energy Detectives in the Classroom

Empower your students to become “energy detectives.”

Use the Engineering Design Process.

Find solutions to save energy for your school.                                 

This module provides an introduction to energy concepts for middle school students. The focus of the module is an analysis of the school energy use. Students will become “energy detectives” and use the engineering design process to detect and solve an energy problem. Use your own school energy use data and empower students to address energy conservation concerns. 


Module Lesson List (click on lesson title to see the lesson plan)

Lesson 1: What is Energy?

Lesson 2: Energy Detectives (REACT Activity 1)

REACT Lesson pdf

Lesson 3: Learn About the Engineering Design Process

The WORKS Engineering Design Process pdf

Lesson 4: Looking at Our School’s Energy Data

Google Slides      Student Response Form

Student Worksheet

Lesson 5: Testing Our Ideas

Additional Resources:

Pre- Post Assessment – Original is a Google Form

PGE My Energy Login


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