Alternative Energy Sources

This module was developed to integrate the theme of alternative energy sources throughout our Math and Science courses a McKinleyville High School.  The courses included in this module were Physics, Marine Biology, Algebra, and Precalculus.  Although each lesson is designed to stand alone, all lessons integrate the common theme.

Alternative Energy Sources

  • Physics Purpose
    • Students will gain an understanding of wind turbine design.

Time Lapse Wind Turbine Construction – Video

Turbine Presentation Slides

Sediment Load vs. Wave Height

  • Integrated 1 Purpose
    • The mathematical purpose of this task is for students to apply the statistical analysis skills learned in this unit of study to a real world data set.  

Wind Power

  • Math Studies Purpose
    • Gain an understanding of wind turbine designs. Research the variables which affect wind turbine operation. Map the wind speeds at locations across the school grounds to develop a wind map.

Wind Turbine

  • Algebra 2 Purpose
    • To derive a sinusoidal regression function by hand as well as by using technology (Desmos, TI graphing calculators) in an effort to optimize wind turbine design.

Energy of Ocean Waves

  • Marine Biology Purpose
    • To understand the mechanism behind wave converter energy production and evaluate the best option of wave converter for a given coastal location

Wave Convertors Power Point

Harnessing the Ocean Worksheet

Integrated 1 Pre/Post Test

Energy Production Pre/Post Test

Alternative Energy Sources