Get Outside Humboldt!

The following are resources for curriculum, environmental education opportunities, and grant funding to take a child outside!

Curriculum Links

Environmental Education Opportunities

Curricular Ideas:

  • Phenology Curriculum
  • Art and Science: Draw morphology — teach “scientific drawing”
    • Godwit Days bird art (April) also has writing contest!
    • California Native Plant Society wildflower art show (May)
    • Monarch Art Contest through CDE
  • Journal each day about your world and what you see
    • Magic spot — reflect weekly/monthly
    • Monitoring plot (4×4 or larger)
  • Photograph change through the seasons
    • Write and reflect on those changes
  • Start an iNaturalist project or eBird hotspot

KHUM Happy trails featuring Rosie Slentz discussing getting school kids out of the classroom for a variety of activities. Rosie is with the Humboldt County Office of Education and previously a 5th grade teacher in Trinidad.

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