Digital Citizenship


Common Sense Media Foundation  provides month by month themes to establish a culture of caring online. that focus on the following themes.

Safe Online Talk
Sample Common Sense Media Video: Going Places Safely (K-2)
This K-2 lesson from Common Sense Media includes downloadable lesson materials and the My Online Neighborhood video.


Talking Safely Online, Grades 6-8
Sample Common Sense Media Video: Safe Online Talk (6-8)
This Grade 6-8 lesson from Common Sense Media includes downloadable lesson materials and two videos that offer student perspectives about online talk.


September: Internet Privacy and Safety
Grade K   Going Places Safely
Grade 1    Staying Safe Online
Grade 2    Powerful Passwords
Grade 3    Rings of Responsibility
Grade 4    Strong Passwords
Grade 5    Talking Safely Online
Grade 6    Digital Life 101
Grade 7    Safe Online Talk
Grade 8    With Power Comes Responsibility
Grade 9    Digital Life 102
Grade 10   My Online Code
Grade 11   What’s the Big Deal About Internet Privacy?
Grade 12   Does It Matter Who Has Your Data?

October: Anti-Bullying
Grade K    Sending Email
Grade 1    Screen Out the Mean
Grade 2    Show Respect Online
Grade 3    The Power of Words
Grade 4    You’ve Won a Prize!
Grade 5    What’s Cyberbullying?
Grade 6    Cyberbullying: Be Upstanding!
Grade 7    Which Me Should I Be?
Grade 8    The Reality of Digital Drama
Grade 9    Turn Down the Dial on Cyberbulling and Online Cruelty
Grade 10   Building Community Online
Grade 11   Becoming a Web Celeb
Grade 12   Breaking Down Hate Speech

November: Digital Footprint & Reputation
Grade K    Keep it Private
Grade 1    Follow the Digital Trail
Grade 2    Writing Good Emails
Grade 3    Private & Personal Information
Grade 4    Digital Citizenship Pledge
Grade 5    Privacy Rules
Grade 6    Top Secret
Grade 7    Digital Life 101
Grade 8    Trillion Dollar Footprint
Grade 9    Oops! I Broadcast it on the Internet!
Grade 10   Overexposed: Sexting & Relationships
Grade 11   College Bound
Grade 12   Private Today, Public Tomorrow

December: Self Image
Grade K    Staying Safe Online
Grade 1    Show Respect Online
Grade 2    My Online Community
Grade 3    Super Digital Citizen
Grade 4    Picture Perfect
Grade 5    Selling Stereotypes
Grade 6    The Ups and Downs of Digital Life
Grade 7    My Media
Grade 8    Which Me Should I Be
Grade 9    Feeling On Display
Grade 10   Who Are You Online?
Grade 11   Rights, Remixes, and Respect
Grade 12   Retouching Reality

January: Information Literacy
Grade K    A-B-C Searching
Grade 1    Using Keywords
Grade 2    My Creative Work
Grade 3    The Key to Keywords
Grade 4    Whose Is It, Anyway?
Grade 5    How to Cite a Site
Grade 6    Strategic Searching
Grade 7    Gender Stereotypes Online
Grade 8    A Creator’s Responsibilities
Grade 9    Building Community Online
Grade 10   Rights, Remixes, and Respect
Grade 11   Copyrights and Wrongs
Grade 12   Collective Intelligence

February: Character Education
Grade K    Fishy Friends
Grade 1    Practicing Patience
Grade 2    Have You Filled a Bucket Today?
Grade 3    The Hundred Dresses
Grade 4    Citizenship in Action
Grade 5    Digital Citizenship Pledge
Grade 6    Safe Online Talk
Grade 7    The Reality of Digital Drama
Grade 8    Cyberbullying: Crossing the Line
Grade 9    My Online Code
Grade 10   Breaking Down Hate Speech
Grade 11   Feeling on Display
Grade 12   Overexposed: Sexting and Relationships

March: Relationships & Communication
Grade K    Have You Filled a Bucket Today?
Grade 1    Writing Good Emails
Grade 2    Screen Out the Mean
Grade 3    Talking Safely Online
Grade 4    What’s Cyberbullying
Grade 5    Rings of Responsibility
Grade 6    The Reality of Digital Drama
Grade 7    Build Your Ideal Community
Grade 8    Chart It
Grade 9    Risky Online Relationships
Grade 10   Taking Perspectives on Cyberbullying
Grade 11   Breaking Down Hate Speech
Grade 12   Becoming a Web Celeb

April: Media Literacy
Grade K    My Creative Work
Grade 1    Sites I Like
Grade 2    Things for Sale
Grade 3    Picture Perfect
Grade 4    Selling Stereotypes
Grade 5    Just Because It’s Out There Doesn’t Mean It’s Good
Grade 6    So How do You Find the Good Stuff?
Grade 7    News Literacy: Critical Thinking Skills for 21st Century
Grade 8    Challenging Stereotypes: A New Look at Old Age
Grade 9    Five Broken Cameras: How Storytellers Shape the Story
Grade 10   Teaching Adolescents How To Evaluate the Value of Online Information
Grade 11   Reality Media?
Grade 12   Contrasting Visions of Womanhood and the Future