Place Value Pictures


  • What is the difference between place and value?
  • How can we determine how many hundreds, tens, and ones are in a number?

About the activity:

Place Value Pictures provides an engaging way for students to work with  hundreds, tens, and ones blocks in a way that combines math and art. it creates an interactive way for students to explore what builds larger numbers while giving students the opportunity to discover how to write a number that is composed of two tens and eleven ones (regrouping).


  • How many blocks did you use to create your animal?
  • How did you count the number of blocks?
  • How could you create an animal to make it easiest to count?
  • How did you count the total number used?
  • What is the number in expanded form?


  1. Base Ten Pictures illustration
  2. Base Ten Pictures illustration cutouts
  3. Base Ten Recording

This was adapted from Georgia Department of Education