Measuring in Kindergarten

Measure Up! Measurements in Kindergarten involve students identifying the attribute to be measured. Objects often have multiple attributes that are measurable. STANDARDS FOR MATHEMATICAL PRACTICE Make sense of problems and persevere in solving them. Construct viable arguments and critique the reasoning of others. Attend to precision. STANDARDS FOR MATHEMATICAL CONTENT MGSEK.MD. Describe several measurable attributes […]

Electricity Basics

electricity basics for middle school

When we talk about electricity, we typically talk about three things: watts, volts and amps. These are universal units. Each one measures something different. Electricity basics for middle school is a two-day lesson which  introduces students to circuits, watts, volts, amps, and loads. Watts are a basic measure of power. Volts are the standard unit […]

STEM Roller Coaster Challenge

Build a roller coaster out of straws and a cardboard box in this engineering design challenge your middle school students (and even older) will love. Start with this teaser Follow video by asking how students have been on/like roller coasters. Allow them to share experiences of riding a roller coaster. This link has pictures of some […]