Radiolab for Kids

I love podcasts. My favorite podcaster is, by far, Jad Abumrad who has hosted and produced Radiolab (among other podcasts) for 20 years. Last week, as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Abumrad and his co-workers launched Radiolab for Kids. I was stoked.

Our family has struggled to balance work, life, and school at home (even though we are both teachers). With the launch of this new podcast feed, I was inspired to incorporate listening to the podcasts with writing and reflection. We are only a few episodes in, but already loving the discussions, writing, and questions that arise from listening to the storytelling in Radiolab for Kids.

We started with the Goo and You and our second grader’s reflections and thoughts are below.

Reflections by a second grader on Radiolab for Kids
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