How well can you perplex us?

“We don’t care how well you lecture. We don’t care how well you engage us. We aren’t impressed by your fancy slide transitions or your interactive whiteboard. We care how well you perplex us.”  —Dan Meyer

This is a great activity with microscopes.

I have been fortunate. This year I have been able to bring real world, open ended questions to various classrooms in Humboldt County. At first I was teaching with examples from both Dan Meyer’s Three Act Math Spreadsheet and the The 101questions Blog. I soon began branching out and creating them on my own, often inspired by questions my four year old son was asking.

I challenge you to try some of these open-ended questions in your classroom and then create some on your own and upload them to 101 Questions. Below are some links to questions I have enjoyed using.

Share your success stories in the comments please!